Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services: Clever Storage Solutions for Small Kitchen

The kitchen, often termed the heart of the house, is an area where there’s a valid need for intelligent storage solutions to make it more functional and stylish. You wouldn’t want your kitchen to be messy or disordered.

If you are looking to find solutions for your cramped kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven solutions by professional kitchen remodeling services that will cater to your storage problem at affordable rates.

Maximize Your Kitchen with Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services – 7 Solutions

1. A Separate Drawer

Are you tired of how your drawers look? Are they clustered with mismatched spice jars and boxes? Well, why not give them a new and comfortable look?

Start by giving your drawer a cleanup day; make it neat. Now, use identical glass jars to store your spices to fill up your drawer space. Similar glass jars will give your drawer a professional yet elegant look. Make sure to add a label on each of the bottles so it is easy to differentiate, and you don’t have to do a scavenger hunt whenever you need them.

2. Hang Your Mugs

You might not realize it, but mugs have this strange ability to take up most cupboard spaces. Many people prefer mug-holders, but they have a high risk of toppling over if you have playful children in your house. We know you don’t want to witness the shattering of mugs in front of you.

What most professional kitchen remodeling services recommend is the installation of hooks under cabinets or shelves. Let those mugs hang freely by their handles, giving you enough room and space to store other essential kitchen items. Moreover, these colorful hanging mugs give your kitchen an elegant and catchy look.

3. Pot Racks

Do your pots and pans mostly hang out on your kitchen counter, making them feel crowded and acquiring too much space? Being of different weights and sizes, these utensils should be handled cleverly.

The pot rack is just the solution. Choose whether you want a vertical or horizontal rack where you can place your pots and pans conveniently. However, if budget constraints exist, installing hooks on the wall is a cost-effective alternative.

4. Install Kitchen Shelves

We do realize kitchen shelves are expensive! What if we tell you our professional kitchen remodeling services are not just convenient but fall easily into your budget? It’s a win-win situation.

A chic open-shelf can be used as a better alternative that fulfills the duty of a cabinet and portrays a charming and attractive picture. Open shelves are stylish yet affordable and simple to install. They do not acquire much of your kitchen space, making it feel more relaxed and giving your interior a subtle dimension.

professional kitchen remodeling services.

5. Use Risers in Cabinets

There’s a high possibility that you are not taking full advantage of the vertical space between your cabinets. Widen your kitchen areas with risers. They have the potential to multiply your cabinet volume, giving you more room for storage.

Consider these risers as a small table that provides a two-tier arrangement, so you utilize the maximum space possible. They not only enhance your accessibility but also maintain an organized look of your kitchen.

6. Mesh Baskets

Mesh baskets come as a rescuer if you are tired of your messy kitchen. These baskets are in different sizes so that you can store multiple things simultaneously. It works as a handling tool for your tiny edibles as well as chocolate bars, biscuits, and even sweets.

By installing mesh baskets, the professional kitchen remodeling services prevent you from stashing things away. Place these baskets inside cabinets and hang them on racks or above the sink to store your possessions conveniently and quickly. They keep your belongings in an organized manner so you won’t lose them.

7. Avoid Bulky Packaging

Food and cereal packages generally acquire a lot of cabinet space. It becomes quite challenging to find what you need because of air-filled bags and cartons in the closet.

Try replacing these cartons with stackable containers that not only occupy limited space but also help you find what you need quickly. Make sure to attach a name label and expiration date on the bottom to keep your things more organized. These containers are an efficient technique to broaden your kitchen storage space and enhance your kitchen’s appearance.

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A messy kitchen can gain twice as many germs as a clean kitchen. Try to free up your kitchen space and make maximum use of space with our professional kitchen remodeling services to avoid unhygienic issues. The above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you make your kitchen appear spacious and charming.

If you are looking for more ways to widen your kitchen spaces and make them lively, contact Tightline Constructions. We provide quality kitchen remodeling services at affordable rates.